Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coal Dust as Soil Tonic

Coal Dust as Soil Tonic

Carolyn Ditchfield (at sent this response to our enquiry about the use of coal dust in soils:


Generally you get the results from only brown coals - LaTrobe Valley coal is
perfect and used quite a lot by a host of biological companies. That is
where humic and fulvic acids can be extracted from as well.

Ideally you want to mix the coal in with other goodies to get a really
synergistic bang and again, many biological companies are doing that.

Nutri-Tech have LifeForce

Lawrie & Co have the BioLogic Blend, but also sell the raw coal too

The one that I am particularly partial to is CaP Release made in Moree using
cow manure mixed with coal, rock phosphate, basalt, lime and microbes

Roughly speaking when you read about the effects of humates you are reading
about brown coal.

Some people would have you believe that black coal cannot be used - and
generally speaking it does not release its load readily, but Nutri-Tech
discovered many years ago that with a secret blend of 'herbs and spices' and
good composting, they could and turned it into one of their mainstay
products - Nutri-Store 180 and Nutri-Store Gold

To use coal in this way is fantastic - it puts organic matter back into the
soil, but sparks it into life, which then creates more carbon
production/sequestration. Farmers are already paying a reasonable price for
it per tonne compared to the commodity price, yet it quite cheap, and
certainly makes even conventional fertilisers more effective.

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